Pacific Benefit Consultants, Inc. (PBC) is an independent insurance company located in Eugene, Oregon. Focusing on the placement of coverage for all of your insurance needs, we provide our clients with a wide array of products and solutions, such as automobile and homeowner’s coverage, property and casualty, business liability, employee benefits, and estate planning strategies. PBC serves more than 10,000 individual and business customers across the state of Oregon.

Our strength lies in our customer service. We dedicate ourselves to maintaining our client’s confidence: for their health, their financial planning strategies, and their peace of mind. Pacific Benefits Consultants has been recognized as one of Oregon’s 100 best companies to work for. In 2012, PBC became part of an exclusive club of 10 companies that Oregon Best recognized as their Hall of Fame 100 Best Companies. This honor speaks highly of our employees’ work satisfaction and their dedication to our customers. We are proud of this accomplishment.